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About December - All hope to be abandoned prior to entry [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Eris Kali

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About December [Jan. 2nd, 2013|01:06 am]
Eris Kali
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So, it's been a bit since I posted here, so here's a bit of an update. At the beginning of the month I turned 40, my dad called me and asked "How does 40 feel kiddo?" My response? "A bit like 39 honestly." It's a freaking number, for crying out loud. My son took me out for dinner, which was really nice, and all and all had a pretty good time.
Before Christmas I got to spend a few hours with my oldest friend in the world. A good 7 plus hours were spent catching up, talking about silly things, catching up some more, imbibing a couple of very good beers, and did I mention catching up? Will more than likely visit him in Austin sometime in May. Hopefully by then I'll be able to meet the new girlfriend! I've kiddingly will refer to him as my brother to my friends, but it's pretty accurate, Don is the brother I never had, ya know? So very happy all in all about the catch up day/night. He's still telling me that I'll like Austin a whole lot more than Houston, I keep on saying to him either way, where ever I move to in Texas, I'm a heck of a lot closer than Pennsylvania!
Did Christmas with my dad on the 23rd, then with the rest of my family on the 24th. Only downside is that Jynx went missing Christmas eve. Still can't find him, which has me a bit sad. The plus side is that I got a new android phone, which I just activated (since my plan was ending on the 1st anyways) today. I might have accidentally dialed all of the people that I added to my phone while trying to set it up,(actually, I know I did, mea culpa!) which is not good, but I hope I didn't piss everyone off.