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Eris Kali

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Joy! [Oct. 10th, 2013|06:00 am]
Eris Kali
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There are nights when I work the audit shift that I want to run out the front doors screaming. Tonight was one of those nights. I started work tonight with a guest yelling at my coworker about the fact that her hot water wasn't as hot as it should be at 11pm at night. Now, some fun facts about my new job. The building itself was constructed in 1907, and is on the historical registry. Since it is an older building, that means that the plumbing isn't quite as modern as it could be. So, you sometimes have to let the water run more than a minute to actually get hot water. This was explained to her before she walks down to the lobby, she insists that she's been running it for AGES but she'll check again, and she goes back up to her room with a major chip on her shoulder. Less than 2 minutes later I get a call from the same guest accusing all of us of purposely turning the hot water back on to scald her for complaining about the hot water...let's just let that sink in for a bit...yeah.
Oh, but it gets even better! (note sarcasm here) About 12:30am I get a guest walk in, slightly tipsy, and wanting a bottle of water. I go run to the back office and snag him one, hand it to him, and say "Hope you have a good night!" Now, let me state now that part of my job is to be nice to everyone. Well, obviously I was hitting on him, because any female being friendly must be interested, right? So, I get asked if I would like to come up to his room for 'a little nightcap'. I can't answer the way I normally would, which would be "fuck off dude", so I say that I have a boyfriend and I politely decline. He then continues to ask me to just 'pay him a little visit, I will make it worth your while, your boyfriend will never know' etc., etc., etc. I finally say to him "I am sorry, I am NOT interested, but have a good night." He walks off to the elevators and goes to his room. End of story right? Oh no, not this night. About 3am I get a call from his room, even more drunk than before, stating that if I don't visit him, he's going to complain about me to management about me "giving him attitude". At this point, I'm pissed, but I try to stay pleasant and say "If you feel that you need to sir, then that's completely within your right to do so. Have a good night." and hang up. Guess who's manager is going to be hearing all about this exchange when he walks in this morning?